Ispod4 Ispod4 10 December 2013


I seem to be the only person who is actively taking care of the wiki, so I'm taking it upon myself to make a sort of announcement.

Anyone who's visited 0005's page since yesterday will see my comment about it up on the top. The content of the page is ridiculously cluttered, to the point that I can't even fix it within the coding itself. So to keep things in order, I'm going to clear all the headcanons and fanfiction listed on the page. If the problems persist, I will make an entirely new page.

So, if anyone wants their content to be kept, you'll want to deal with it soon. I'll give everyone until next week Monday to save their headcanons or such. Once the page is cleaned up, things will go back to normal, and you can re-post the content.

Also, …

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