• Dating 0074 .
  • In a backpacking group with 0060, 0069, and 0074.
  • In an epic rivalry with 0109. Determined to kill as a monster hunter.
  • A kid who got accustomed to the idea ‘Monsters are Bad and need to be Exterminated’, a little arrogant and pompous, but usually means well. Has memories of living in a different city where the monsters were actually bad. 
  • 113 is a mercenary ninja who will be anyone's hero for the right price.
  • 113 uses coins as weapons.
  • 113 can sacrafice the coins as an energy source for mystic powers. He can even use them to form weapons such as a sword. Though once used the coins become worthless pieces of impure aluminium.
  • 113 is 0065's twin brother. He claims to be the eldest.
  • Is a gunner in 0081's pirate crew.
    • His idea of gunnery is to be questioned. He typically just throws ninja stars at enemy ships. He has sunk a total of 0 ships this way.
  • Is 0013's older brother.
  • Was Childhood friends 0412 and once convinced him that he'd never fall in love if he didn't tie a red string around his finger


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