• Her lifelong dream is to see all of the parks in the world.
  • 74 is a traveller with shaman-like abilities. She apparently can see into others fortunes as well, but prefers not to use it.
  • She is often called popular but is very introverted..
  • In a backpacking group with 0060, [[0069], and 0113 .
  • On the other hand, 0074 is an alien settler who became obsessed with the Fanpro world. Her necklace allows her to retain a more familiar form.
  • She is a companion to 0051 , who she believes is an earth spirit.
  • A big lover of folk music.
  • Is allergic to roses
  • Her short term memory is pretty awful and she needs to have things repeated to her more than once to get it through her head


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