• Really likes dancing and is a doctor.
  • She has a gang composed of 0076 and 0081.
  • An asian girl with a weak immune system. She's usually sick with a cold or the flu, but it doesn't bother her much. (In Japan people wear face masks if they are sick and don't want other people to catch it or if they don't want to get sick.)
  • she cries blood
  • She's shy to people she doesn't know, but acts normal around her friends.
  • She's a fujoshi.
  • Doesn't like it when other people watch her eat because she has a really fast metabolism and enjoys overindulging
  • Works as a doctor in a very poor part of the Fanpro world and wears bright, colorful clothes to appeal to children who would be afraid to approach her if she donned regular doctor clothing. Very kind hearted and gentle toward children, and is great at keeping a calm head during stressful situations.
  • Is in her early 20s.


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