• She flips burgers at a fast food place.
  • Loves making food and is an excellent chef. She also uses her spatula as a weapon when necessary.
  • She's a regular teenager. She wanted some extra money so she took up work as a fry cook somewhere. All of her clothing is too big for her by at least two sizes, and that's the way she'd like to keep it.
  • She and 0001 are brother and sister, they are both relatively normal compared to the others. Although 0063 is slightly eccentric.
  • People think she is a terrible cook because the food she makes often times looks weird but her cooking is actually really good. 0035 has been the only one man enough to eat her cooking.
  • Wears huge baggy clothes because she is insecure about her body shape, though in reality she has a gorgeous body.
  • She loves pancakes.
  • Makes a lot of terrible food puns that everyone hates.
  • She originally worked on a ranch, but she wasn't happy, so she followed her passion and began working at a fast food restaurant.


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