0062, nicknamed Fenra, sometimes Fara


  • Really shy and awkward.
  • Likes bunnies.
  • Not as innocent as she seems.
  • Soft-spoken.
  • Enjoys making her own clothes.
  • Adores pastel colours.
  • Enjoys rollerskating. Has her own wheels which she straps to her sneakers. Sometimes does it without a helmet.
  • Her hair glows in the dark.
  • The popular girl in her school.
  • Isn't sweet and bubbly, but isn't cold and distant either. She just isn't good around people and tends to stick to using that boundless creative energy that keeps her going
  • Is very friendly, but never make her angry.
  • Is allergic to nuts and peanut butter.
  • Is very formal when in front of others, unless drunk.
  • Can dance really well, but mostly waltzes and the like, but refuses to do so in front of others.
  • Is a great cook.
  • Doesn’t know many of the others, but has a deal to have 0044 show her around a bit.
  • Has the ability to control the wind.
  • Can't sleep or has a hard time trying to.
  • Can't dream.
  • Currently on a gluten-free diet


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