Possible namesEdit

  • Sahara
  • Kitty
  • Queen
  • Molly
  • Gallie


  • She is really sassy.
  • She idolizes Nicki Minaj and listens to her music often.
  • She is a hardcore j-pop lover.
  • She plays otome games regularly.
  • She's a ballerina.
  • Has to hide her tail under her skirt due to people pulling it.
  • 0061 and 0062 are best friends
  • 0061 and 0062 are sisters.
  • She is more level-headed than 0062 and she likes to dance.
  • Acts pretty harsh because she's sick of being called cute, kitty, princess, etc.
  • Extremely tsundere.
  • listens to marina and the diamonds religiously
  • Has a younger sister who she doesn't really get along with
  • 0042 and her have a rivalry for 0004's love
  • 0004 is her crush and she's made duets with him many times
  • really tall
  • a really cute sleepyhead
  • A human/lioness hybrid that has gotten too caught up in vanity and beauty to attack people. She has retractable claws and a swipe that can take your head off.



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