• The giant circle behind 0060 is his giant peppermint candy. One day when he was walking in the woods, 0060 found this poor dear being chased by some scientists. Eventually, he helped the monster get away and they became the best of friends. 0060 usually protects him from monsters or things that scare him.
  • His butt is so big he has to carry it on his back just so it doesn't drag on the ground.
  • The blue thing is a physical representation of all his burdens in life, and he's forced to carry it around.
  • The blue thing on his back is another living creature, and he really dislikes being tied up like that.
  • He is a wayward archeological hiker who travels across mountains to find links between two points in history, potentially answering several questions about a civilization that lived a couple millenia ago. His backpack is filled with various rock samples, climbing equipment, and basic survival gear. He's very skilled at wrestling, and does it a lot to survive wild animal attacks.
  • He is energetic and optimistic, but after 11 months of trying to find evidence and with many shortcomings, he is starting to lose hope. He is very self reliant and kind to outsiders, but prefers the company of himself and the various amphibians he keeps in his backpack.
  • 0069 's older brother.
  • In a backpacking group with 0069 , 0113 , and 0074.
  • The famed leader of the Algoritists. He is said to still be alive, but is in hiding after causing cultural pandemonium.


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