• She's a descendant of Rapunzel.
  • She's in her rebellious teenager stage and she plays the bass in a rock band to make her parents mad. She may be a princess but she's not innocent at all.
  • If you ask her, she locked herself away in a tower, but if you ask anyone else, she's just sulking in her room.
  • She has a rather lavish upbringing, so she is used to the best in life. As a consequence, there is next to nothing that can impress her. She always seems bored and disinterested. It is difficult to tell if she dislikes the company of others or if she simply lacks the social skills to connect with people. She is tough and stubborn and can hold her own in a fight. When angered she uses her hair to whip people and frequently refers to people as 'peasants'.
  • She's a princess.
  • She developed a tiny crush on one of the knights that patrols below her tower after he showed her how to shoot a bow. She didn't enjoy the archery, but he didn't judge her, so she started to like him.


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