• She's a science experiment that went horribly wrong. Scientists were trying to figure out something having to deal with old ladies and broccoli and 0058 is what happened. Truly, she's an old lady trapped in a piece of broccoli trying to find a way out day by day, but people disregard her as nothing more than a freak.
  • They was turned into a vegetable-like creature by a devious wizard back when they were young. Because of this, they can't grow any taller and the design from their t-shirt remains on their torso to this day (their real mouth is on the head).
  • Was infected with incredibly high concentrations of broccoli juice as a child, and has been taunted about his vegetable-like looks ever since, causing him to sink into an extensive pit of negative emotions and confusion.
  • married to
  • Was just born this way. Gets incredibly amused at those who assume otherwise.
  • Has a cold, and analytic personality. Uses its unassuming appearance to take advantage of others.


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