• Nicknamed Fiamma.
  • A fireplace spirit.
  • 0055's familiar and friend. Passes on her messages.
  • Genderless but prefers masculine pronouns.
  • Willing to warm anyone who is cold.
  • Fuzzy and made out of cotton.
  • 0056 and 0057 are best friends.
  • He jingles like a bell when he walks.
  • He gets compared to Kirby a lot, but if you even mention Kirby around him, he starts squeaking furiously. If you understand him, you know he's cussing up a storm.
  • 0056 talks in a squeaking language and is a pet to 0061. He's much smarter than she is but he can't express it by squeaking.
  • 0055 and 0061 like to play catch with 0056.
  • He is harsh and cynical.
  • He enjoys murder.
  • 0056 is a race of clay creatures, usually ranging from 10cm to 1m in diameter. There are extremes, like 1cm, or several stories high. They’re very peaceful, and honestly don’t move much at all. The faces don’t really act as faces - in fact, a big minority have more grotesque designs. All faces go at least a few meters deep and eventually connect to the same space - an old, mysterious clay city. Each face connects from a different spot. Most are on walls. Some are on the huge ceiling above. Others even spring up from the floor or from old furniture.


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