• Mara.
  • A winter spirit.
  • Rarely interacts with other people. All messages are passed on through her familiar, 0056.
  • She has a scorpion tail coming out of her head.
  • Good at singing.
  • An insomniac.
  • Suicidal/depressed.
  • Has an anxiety disorder.
  • Shy, quiet, and can control water.
  • Her singing is incredibly mournful, even if she tries to sing something happy.
  • Hair can tranform into any style she pleases.
  • 0030 is her little sister.
  • Owns a large, ancient library- home to shelves of dusty books and scribes in different languages.
  • Her hair is made of french-curled figures. Some parts manage to come away from it's former originality, but are always seen floating next to 55 until it dissolves into air, which takes a few weeks to do so.
  • 0000's other creation that was originally based on Plastic's model. Only this time, she wasn't scrapped.
  • She floats just above the ground
  • She is a spirit, killed in a motor accident, who wanders the highway where she was killed, singing mournfully, and her only means of interaction with the world is her control over the wind. Sometimes passersby will hear a whisper of a voice on the wind.


Nox - Fanpro No. 55 by gabbywinchester

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