• This creature was born Philomusicus Cammaros, an alien from the distant planet Cantio in the galaxy Lucusta. His planet was destroyed long ago, and, as a result, he was floating around the universe for millions of years. Just a few thousand years ago, he crash landed on earth. Once he recovered from his wounds received on the crash landing, He quickly became known as a god of lobsters, fine music, and romantic lobster dinners. After several millennium of blessing lobsters, he fell into a spat with a witch, (say 0041). The witch cursed him to follow the other 999 characters until someone returned the legs he lost to the witch.
  • Has a crush on 0042.
  • He likes to pinch people's butts.
  • He enjoys cooking
  • Has a ambiguous nature and spends its time walking around watching people’s lives. Sometimes it plays violin to help the mood.
  • 0054 was originally part of 0041, created accidentally by the parasite when its claws and head were removed in some accident, the stumbling body became bonded to a young girl and the head became fused with her guitar. Both now work together to try and unbond the parasite's body so it can regain control of its full form.
  • The people of his home planet all looked like combinations between musical instruments and sea creatures.
  • Protagonist of Fanpro.
  • 0054 is a giant robot that is piloted by 0023.
  • 0054 is a seapun, created by a seawitch, as we all know you cannot tunafish (tune-a-fish). 0054's miserable existence is a mockery to the pun, which upon his creation was rendered with a conclusion- but you can tune a violacrab. The seawitch is not particularly bright.
  • The songs that it chooses to play are indicative of its mood. It never takes requests.
  • Never reveals the name of his species to anyone (EVEN THOUGH HE'S A FIDDLER CRAB)
  • The infant form of a certain crustacean species. The order goes 0054 > 0016 > 0041



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