• Her hair can kill people.
  • Is a dangerous criminal. Lures people with her innocence and then strangles them with her hair.
  • A yandere.
  • Her braids is actually not hair but a complex structure of wires. She is a robot-medusa.
  • An eldritch being disguised as a little girl, although not so well. The disguise works better on some than others.
  • Rarely speaks and when she/they do it’s a strange raspy low sound, so it gives her away.
  • The gold braces she/they wear restrain their true form, so if the bands were to be cut then we’d probably get a glimpse at her’s true form.
  • Although she/they look pretty cute, she is pretty darn evil as are most eldritch beings and is definitely up to something mysterious and probably bad for humankind.
  • Her braids were parasitic-plant-monsters and she has a Jekyll/Hyde thing going: She tries to keep them fed, but every now and then their hunger grows too great, and when this happens they take control of her mind and find a victim to kill and feast upon.
  • She never has any memory of these killings and never knows who her victims are, but she sometimes wakes up covered in blood, crying “Not again!” over and over…
  • Favorite food is leeks and Twizzlers.
  • Has telekinetic and telepathic powers. And she finds it hilarious to use her telekinesis to move her braids around while people are watching, and that the matching rings around her arms and braids help her to focus her power more strongly. (she is young yet, and is prone to do things accidentally or have a hard time getting her power to manifest if she’s not in the perfect state of mind)
  • Is a big feminist and stands up for what she believes in (LGBTQ rights, being against racism, etc) and her hair kills misogynists and racists if she doesn't keep it contained.
  • She and 0010 go over to each other's gangster/monster houses for hair-braiding parties.
  • 0024 likes to pretend that she is 0053's younger sister. She has no idea.
  • Travels across the country as a Centinist missionary; she's largely responsible for many founded towns throughout the nation.


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