0052, nicknamed Harv or Jax, has many headcannons in regard to his relationship with 0050 .


  • Is childhood friends with 0050, has devolped platonic feelings for him.
  • Is a super friendly and bubbly person, but is mostly passive.
  • He is normally friendly and outgoing, but when he interacts with 0050 , he seems nervous, uncontrolled, and even clumsy. When others call him out on it, he gets very defensive.
  • Is 0032 's older brother.
  • Is currently dating 0033.
  • He is very good at healing. His occupation is mixing medicine, and being the healer of the area.
  • Often does Parkour with 0050.
  • Likes the color Pink.
  • He loves classical music, like piano and orchestral pieces.
  • He and 0050 enjoy going skateboarding together. It's a more serious hobby for him while 50 just wants to learn so he can be with him more. He enjoys teaching 0050 how to skateboard and treats him like a little bro.
  • Incredible mechanic.


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