0051 is a character in the Fanpro universe subjected to any and all headcanons. 


  • Can communicate with the forests and spirits.
  • Alongside her twin sister 0005, the two are a sassy pair of psychic cops.
  • Has an incredibly dry sense of humor.
  • Is not very social, but when befriended will protect that person with her life.
  • Is very lonely and reserved, but, due to being tormented and hurt all her life out of fear for her mystical powers, is hesitant to place her trust in others.
  • Genetic sister of 0048, and shares the same nature powers.
  • Is stalked by 0074 , who believes she is an Earth spirit.
  • She's a preternatural creature meant to search and confirm the existence of  the one thing that matches the definition of perfect. She's learned the art of sternness, ice-cold criticisms, and nearly flawless characteristic judgment. With one glance, she can determine 1-300 different flaws in your personality, and will not hesitate to share them.
    • Since she's been a part of the world for so long, many people believe she may be involved with one's outcome after death. She nonreluctantly denies this.
  • A boy who is haunted by memories of failed timelines, which often involves 0000 and 0001 as well as of the death of their best friend 0044, causing them to resentful of the prior 2. Can see 0973 and finds them super annoying (though he also finds his singing voice to be extremely good).


[[1]] by tumblr user fanprofanblog 

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