0050, nicknamed Klaus, Dmitri, or Ashton, is mostly known by the fandom as a robot.


  • Seems like a showoff when dancing, but is always nervous when he isn't.
  • Morally ambiguous.
  • Uses gravity-based magic which makes him able to walk on walls and ceilings. He can also use it to fly and to change gravity for others, sometimes pinning them to the floor by increasing gravity.
  • Incredibly brutal and enjoys hitting on others.
  • Smiles often and is talkative yet too vague about himself.
  • Is a robot.
  • Acts as something like a seeing-eye dog for 0022 , who in return helps him avoid scaring people, falling in water, and all the other hazards that come with being a robot.
  • Is childhood friends with 0052, has devolped platonic feelings for him.
  • Pretty playful, always finds new creative things to do with his powers.
  • Is rather clumsy but uses his magic to steady himself, as well as uses it to embellish his dancing.
  • Does not talk often, and tends to space out.
  • 0003 's older brother.
  • Often does Parkour with 0052 .
  • Although he is a robot, he has a synthetic "skin" so he appears human to most people.
  • Young
  • Has a crush on 0002 And often pulls pranks on her or makes fun of her out of affection. One time he threw her in a dumpster, which made her come to hate him.
  • Is a temporary human essence of the arrows painted onto roads. They have the ability to become part of the asphalt in danger. Or if someone's not driving right.


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