0049 is a polycephalic girl who wears a pink hoodie, skirt, and boots. One head seems wary, while the other seems confident.


  • Humanized hydra who grew two heads when her first was chopped off.
  • 0049 (Annie/Amara and Anna/Diru) is a pair of conjoined twins. At least one of them gets along well with 0022.
  • A character that represents luck and decisions- Aisa (on the left) represents careful planning, good/neutral luck and anxiety. On the other hand, Tyche (on the right) represents rash decsions, bad luck, and confidence.
  • Instead of pockets or purses, they tend to keep things in their hair.
  • They have a special ability known as Duel-Power. Righty (the cheerful one) consists of creative attack energy due to her ownership of the right side of the human brain. Lefty (the more quiet one), use studious and logical attack energy due to her ownership of the left side of the brain.
  • One half is named Annie and is adventurous and mischievous (also has a huge admiration/crush for 0022) but she can't really sense the feelings of others very well so she doesn't know if he likes her back). The other half is Anna and she's more reserved, cautious, and easily scared but she also has a tendency to disregard others feelings like Annie despite trying to put on a facade of being the "nicer half".
  • 0022 is like a big sister for one half of 0049 and a scary monster for the other. 0049 is the only person who will buy things from 0022.
  • They like to gossip about things together.
  • polyamorous relationship with 0005
  • A mischievous pair of conjoined shapeshifters. They normally laugh and have fun with each others' tricks, though they don't realize that they are often unspeakably cruel (stealing handfuls of money from the hospital, shorting the wiring in electronic equipment, locking doors in children's orphanages, etc.). They can easily be spotted out, however, as they can only turn into objects or shapes that involve 2 extensions from one body (2 flowers in one pot, 2 flames on a candle, etc.).


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