• Is a nature mage (A subclass of Druid), having trained from a young age under the Order of the Tree. He has a relatively carefree attitude towards the religious aspects of his magic, shedding the "protect Mother Earth" mantra in lieu of looking like a hippie. Basically he's a fashion disaster.
  • Skilled practitioner of environmental-based magic
  • His magic is connected closely to his emotions; positive emotions make him more powerful while sadness, fear or anger lead to weaker and sometimes unexpected results.
  • Has faced constant bullying from a young age, as nature magic is considered "women's magic"
  • Since he grew up being rather bitter, it took him a long time until he learned to use his positive emotions instead of letting the negative ones hamper him.
  • His staff is a family hand-me-down that he literally cannot get rid of. It sticks to him like glue until he finds another one with a 'pure heart' to pass it down to.
  • Has a strange hate/trying to kill relationship with 0050.
  • Very sarcastic and stubborn, with an odd justice schtick. Saves people simply because he's looking for someone to give the staff to, but has high regards for moral actions.
  • His staff protects him from any magic damage he could recieve, but living in a society of robots + magic, there are still a lot of things that can hit him.
  • Fashion Distaster Sass Master
  • Genetic brother of 0051, and shares the same nature powers.
  • 0047's VERY distant cousin.
  • Sometimes seen training grass/nature magic with 0011


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