0047 appears to be a rather short girl with fabulous pink hair.


  • A fondness or relationship with 0001.
  • Is commonly depicted with a rather insecure personality and a sharp tongue.
  • Sometimes she can be very insecure but 0001 helps her to feel like she matters.
  • She's a Vixen.
  • 0047 is the leader of a group called Magical Girls and she's over 2000 years old. She's prone to know-it-all tendancies, but is quite motherly by nature, her fighting style is based on psychokinesis, and she cooks a lot.
  • She's a very pale, frail girl in her early teens. She is generally quiet and keeps to herself, however she will let someone know if they are out of line. Although her hair is vibrant and beautiful, it is one of her biggest insecurities as it's color isn't considered normal at all. She's closed off to most people and many have never even heard her speak before. Though when she's alone, 0047 sings songs with such eloquent beauty it's as if an angel from heaven's choir itself possesses her body.
  • 0047 is extremely old and is stuck in a body she doesn't want. She spends some time trying to figure out how to steal someone else's body but she also likes catching 0042 who just rolls away which is mostly because 0047 keeps trying to use him as a guinea pig in the body swapping which has not worked yet.
  • Her name is Michaelis and she has somewhat of a superiority complex and gets very defensive when people point out her lack of height. A lot of people seem to avoid her due to the fact that she never gets off her high horse, but she can be sweet when you get to know her. Despite the fact that she often tries to put others beneath her, deep down she's a very generous person and would put her life on the line for someone else when necessary. She's also a big sister figure to Lumia/15.
  • She is the wisest of all the characters and tends to mother the people she is close to. She's is also usually extremely calm.
  • She is super tsundere towards most people, especially 0001 .
  • People confuse her with 0043 on occasion.
  • 0048 's VERY distant cousin.


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