• Has a very sexy french accent but this is unknown to the other characters of fanpro because she rarely speaks.
  • Has a very odd laugh/snicker.
  • She loves to take pictures of everyone, whether they want their picture taken or not, but no one knows why.
  • Other characters see her as incredibly creepy.
  • She's secretly really into photography, but only likes taking pictures of people. (even though most of the time they don't want to be photographed.) She fills her bedroom with her favorite photos, covering every surface. Some of the other fanpros have made bets on what color her bedroom walls are, but no one has enough guts to find out because she's so creepy.
  • Is a newspaper reporter with 0065 . She loves scandal and enjoys writing trashy articles.
  • Is an artist that strictly only draws yaoi.
  • has never touched jeans ever ever ever in his life.


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