• Nicknamed Riley.
  • Dating 0008.
  • A huge loser.
  • Sometimes gets mistaken for 0001.
  • Has a tool belt full of all sorts of crazy junk, from wrenches to ammunition
  • Green shoulder bits are metal pauldrons, along with the collar peice which is a metal gorget.
  • All around a kind of aloof doofus, but loyal to his friends through and through.
  • Wields a large wrench. Masterful with machinery, but not so much with people.
  • Carries a large bottle of acetylene on his hip to power a portable welding rig. Could potentially chuck it as an incindiary device.
  • He can transform into a bird to fly, but he ends up pooping on a lot of people as a bird. He's kind of a jerk like that.


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