0044 (Koyoyo/Sugar/Dahlia) is a charming little lovely with knee-warmers and a pleasant color scheme.


  • A living doll. Denies being a doll and always tells people she is a real human girl.
  • Works in a bakery with 0012
  • Backpacks across the country with 0022
    • One time, 0009 took her to explore a cave. She gat scared by a swarm of bats and has vowed never to enter a cave again. However, she was interesting in the rocks and enjoys hiking through the mountains.
  • Has trained her entire life to become an idol. She's still working on it. Mostly, she bounces.
  • Name is Sugar.
  • Although she likes hiking and backpacking, long hours of standing in the bakery has given her knee trouble, so she has to wear knee braces
  • A big fan of My Little Pony. Pinkie Pie is her role model and she wants to be just like her.


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