A young girl whose picture is actual size.


  • She is incredibly small and likes to hide on the pockets of other characters
  • she's a fairy sent to watch over any fanpro she chooses
  • My headcanon is that she's actually normally sized, and not a child but not an adult, she is very immature and easily amused which is necessary because she’s mute so not a lot of people pay attention to her. She has a ‘gift’ which allows her to draw in the air around her in a red impermeable substance that glimmers slightly and sits in the air like thick smoke, so it can be disturbed. She is constantly positive and although she doesn’t speak (and no one knows why or even if she can) she is constantly observing those around her and is very keen about people, she communicates effectively through writing and other means and her name is Mia.
  • She aims to take over the world as a powerful dictator.


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