0042 appears to be an apple with a face rolling around on a wheel.


  • apple segway
  • Named "Lil Memey". He enjoys memes and apple puns.
  • Is completely omniscient and knows the fate of the world of Fanpro. He isn't willing to give spoilers, however.
  • Is romantically interested in 0054 , who he knows has a crush on him, but is hesitant to pursue the relationship because he doesn't want 0054 involved in his complicated and dangerous life.
  • Occasionally appears in front of other Fanpros, offers cryptic hints about their future, then wheels away cackling.
  • Likes to rob thrift stores.
  • He's madly in love with 0044 but she doesn't even realize he's sentient.
  • 0042 really just wants 0040 to stay away from him.
  • Main love interest of Fanpro.
  • Comes from a magical tree, and there used to be many more of his kind, but they have all mysteriously dissappeared.
  • married to 0058
  • 0061 and him have an intense rivalry for 0004's love
  • Fanpro 1117's lover.


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