0041 appears to be a small child with large, crustaceal legs emerging from her head. She appears to be one of the, if not the largest fanpro.


  • 0041 is actually a demon using a small girl as a host. It communicates through telepathy, alternating between the little girl's voice and a raspy deep voice like the crashing of ocean waves in a deep storm.  The creature's legs are retractable. When angered, the eyes of the little girl turn white.
  • A cursed young princess. She is a calm individual that was exiled because of her curse. She was no longer cute enough for the throne.  
  • A mechanical spider. She just crafted a small doll to cover her head so people would be less afraid of her. Most of the time, it doesn't work - the doll looks vaguely woolen which gives it away.
  • Ironically, 0041 is pretty heavily arachnophobic.
  • Everyone is scared of 0041 because of  her huge spider legs, but she's actually really nice and just kind of soft-spoken.
  • 0054 was originally a part of 0041, created accidentally by the parasite when it's claws and head were removed in some accident, the stumbling body became bonded to a young girl and the head became fused with her violin. Both now work together to try and unbond the parasite's body so it can regain control of it's full form.
  • 0041 is very, very old.
  • Can regenerate her limbs whenever needed. She uses this to run a seafood shop, though seldom gets customers due to their disgust with the concept.
  • Romantically interested in 0191
  • The adult form of a certain crustacean species. The order goes 0054 > 0016 > 0041


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