• Nicknamed Mzyuu.
  • An astronaut wannabe.
  • The orange things on its sides are cannons, which 0040 rarely uses.
  • A girl who was abducted by aliens and experimented on.
  • Due to the nature of the experiments, she became dependent on the alien atmosphere. She was able to escape but now has to survive in an alien bio-suit. If her air dome was cracked, the air on Earth would kill her.
  • She can’t move very well, but her suit has alien appendages that she can generate with her mind.
  • Close with 0014. One time, 0014 was carrying his fish around when he tripped and dropped his bowl and she took off her helmet quickly to let him use it as a temporary bowl and save his fish.
  • When she’s happy, some people have said that they can, “see the galaxy in her eyes”. Quite literally.
  • A human girl (early teens) that likes to pretend she's a spaceship/pilot for her own enjoyment.
  • Doesn't have many friends except for a very few.
  • is a space lolita
  • Travels through space helping poor, pathetic species become galactic supermodels.
  • Is 0019's girlfriend


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