0038 appears to be a young, armless woman stuck on a stand. 


  • 0038 is a supernatural being.
  • A store mannequin that was brought to life with an accidental magic spell. Although the mannequin is dressed in female clothes, it is just a mannequin and has a limited concept of gender, therefore it usually likes to be addressed as just “it”. 38 can use its pigtails as makeshift hands. It cannot move on its own locomotion very well - at the most it can shuffle around.
  • 0038 is an incomplete robot calling herself "Legs."
  • She lost her butt in the war and had to get that post put in place as a makeshift prosthetic.  It isn't working out very well for her.
  • Plans to get wheels for her post but still is confused to how to stop herself
  • 38 is part tree


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