• Nicknamed Para Para.
  • Is a robot built for the purposes of making you STOP.
  • She's trying to be bossy with people but actually is not very good at ordering stuff.
  • Humor isn't part of her system.
  • Gets around with built-in rollerblades.
  • Her legs can morph into a speedy uniwheel.
  • Para Para’s day job is construction, traffic directing, and such, but on her off days she just wanders around the city and walks up to strangers. Technically she wasn’t designed for social justice, but it’s her hobby to walk up to bigots mid-rant and flash her lights, smiling widely. She has this almost stepford air as she says “Stop” very perkily. Her programmers were male scientists who were pretty misogynistic to the girls in the robotics and city construction departments, so she learned pretty quickly that she didn’t like them. She also doesn’t have the sense of privacy, personal space, social norms, or safety to stop her. She actively looks for idiots and will cause as much of a scene as possible. Flashing red lights, megaphone saying “stop”, and possibly erratic movement. It’s actually really hilarious and inspiring if you’re not on the wrong end of it.
  • Para Para is adamant and strictly complies with the rules. She has a tendency to lecture about her opinions.
  • She used to be blue, a more 'friendly' color, but decided red was better for the job and painted herself.
  • She's a crossing guard.
  • She's constantly watching out for things that might "trigger" people, and often rants about it.
  • Leader of a Monster Hunting team that consists of 0037, 0042, 0045, 0063, 0065, 0070, and 0071.
  • When not directing the city's security, is often seen headbutting with 0509.
  • They are part of a local squad of unprofessional law enforcers. The squad is notorious for wearing the same red and white uniform, except some prefer shorts over the skirt, and only effectively stopping tourists from littering.


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