0035, (Unofficially referred to as Luke or Russel) is thought to be some sort of  mechanical engineer for a starship.


  • Unrequited crush on 0026
  • Soft spot for 0000
  • Acts as a big brother towards 0019
  • 35's language programming was slightly botched during his manufactuer. Instead of normal english, 35 speaks in inaudible glitch patterns. He can only speak to 19 normally, since 19 can understand glitch patterns corehently.  
  • Romantically involved with 0022.
  • Those lines next to his eyebrows are piercings, and he has a tongue piercing that almost nobody knows about.
  • Father of 0034 .
  • He's a toymaker, making little machines that can move around and play with children. He has a power to insert souls among the stuffing, but he does it unknowingly. They're wandering souls, and sometimes the toys go out so far that he's unable to find them, so he has to go out looking for them ever-so-often.
  • That striped band around one arm is a bandage. He was one of the first to encounter the negatives, and earned a bite for his troubles. It's alright, doesn't have any ill effects, except that it just won't stop oozing lavender blood.


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