0033 is a character with pink hair and a green/black/pink hat with fur lining. Their design is composed of light pink, light green, and dark grey.


  • Female character who is in a relationship with 0052
  • She is naturally honey blonde but once dyed her hair pink by accident, decided she liked it, and never changed it back.
  • FTM & enjoys snowboarding.
  • Actually a very feminine male.
  • Very bubbly yet shy around strangers and loves to make paper flowers.
  • She has 4 pet betta fish.
  • Plays the viola.
  • Dreams of racing in the Olympics.
  • She's a big cartoon lover and is very loyal to the fanbases she is a part of.
  • In 5th grade, she took up playing the viola and still plays it today as a high school junior, improving all the time.
  • 0032 and 0033 are bros, but they're polar opposites. 32’s talkative and a huge dare devil, and 033 is a shy guy who stutters and lives by "better be safe than sorry". So when 0032 wants to go on some sort of "dangerous" snow adventure, 0033 will always struggle to convince him not to.
  • She has the ability to change the colour of her hair at will
  • She's very unloyal, and does not care about her friends. She's willing to do anything to get her way, and gets upset and bratty when things don't go her way.


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