0032 appears to be a blond-haired man wearing winter clothes.


  • Nicknames: Matt, Frostbite, Lucas, and Damon Worth, Taylor
  • Lives at a ski resort.
  • Has a hot chocolate/marshmallow/whip cream addiction.
  • Doesn't like warm environments such as the beach and desert.
  • 0032 and 0011 grew up together and are best friends.
  • He is always causing trouble and managing to drag 0011 into it.
  • 0032 and 0011 have created their own kid gang of which they are the only two members.
  • Goes around with a plastic bat (since he can’t afford a real one) threatening people, which usually leads to 0011 having to bail him out of trouble.
  • Is a smug asshole with a huge hat who is ace at cryokinesis.
  • Refuses to acknowledge an inferiority complex at all, nope, where did you get that idea.
  • Is a yandere.
  • Has a crush on 0013.
  • Secretly in a relationship with 0001.
  • Likes to say "Swaggy" a lot, to the annoyance of everyone else.
  • He actually doesn’t have legs. He lost them after he took a pretty bad fall on a patch of ice and ended up breaking his spine, he didn’t see the need for prosthetics and just got them amputated.
  • Is mentored by 0035 with school projects, they are good friends.
  • A really chill guy who likes to just hang out with his friends and go snowboarding and just live life.
  • 0033 is his twin sister.
  • Has some sort of superpower that lets him control the heat of things by making them colder and he can never completely turn the power “off” so that’s why he always wears winter clothing.
  • He's sexy and he knows it.


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