• Nicknamed Maeve, which means intoxicating in Irish.
  • Has a total immunity to all poisons, which makes her an ideal researcher of all things toxic.
  • Lives in a house filled with all sorts of deadly living things, and studies their poisons, their effects and how to counteract them.
  • Is in love with her job, as well as the fact she is helping people by making new antidotes to save lives.
  • Has a good memory.
  • Loves multi-tasking.
  • Follows fashion and adores things that most people would call “excessive”, but never has the courage to buy anything.
  • Her choice of literature outside of scientific texts are highly satirical texts, the older the better.
  • Where her house isn’t covered with cages and plants she hangs numerous works of art that she collects from garage sales and starting out artists.
  • There are few professions she admires more than that of an artist, a scientist or a writer.
  • Her constant facial expression is a frown because she is rarely thinking of anything but chemical formulas and reagents.
  • A 60's pop diva.
  • Gets her heart broken a lot.
  • Although she loves her job, it's lonely, and she really wants to have someone to share her knowledge with.
  • Drinks. A lot. Hard liquers only.
  • She only cries cotton candy ice cream
  • Incredibly sassy
  • She died once by jumping off a building, but was then resurrected moments after she hit the ground. After having an epiphany just before impact, she believes that every person in the world is suffering in some way. When she discovered this, she obtained a mentality that they all need to be freed (by death). The sheer assumption is enough that she can't hardly stop crying all the time.
    • She's on the Top 10 most-wanted criminals list across the country.
  • The lower half of her body moves on it's own, which makes her very upset.


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