0028 is a heavy-set, green-haired girl.


  • While some attribute her chubbiness as a hindrance or self-esteem shot, she considers it something that is simply part of her and is proud of her body through all odds.
  • Sensitivity is something that afflicts her at a shocking scale, however; mostly in regards to her personal character as opposed to her appearance. Someone calling her "rude" or "a brute" throws her into tears, whereas someone pointing out her obesity is usually just met with a shrug (and perhaps a punch from her protector)
  • Though passive in real life, she is highly active in the ring, and is extremely hard to beat.
  • She is also part magical girl.
  • Accomplished professional wrestler.
  • Sweet and lovable.
  • 0025's older sister.
  • Magical girl whose powers include eating, and being sedentary. Do not feed the wild animal or it WILL come back for seconds. Or 52nds.
  • Pretends to be a magical girl to try to ease the pain of having hyperthyroidism.
  • One of the greatest kissers in the world, now all she needs is a boyfriend.


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