0022 has X's on her eyes and far too many names.


  • Nicknames include: Taylor, Astrid, Penelope, Poppet, Farah, Tsubaki, Meloa, Veena and Cecil. This gives her the longest name tag of any fanpro.
  • Is a postal carrier.
  • Is a merchant.
  • BFFS with 0007.
  • Wears X-shaped stickers on her eyes to keep bad things from happening.
  • She's a robot, and her eyes used to be able to flash different symbols, but they're stuck on X's.
  • Tall, clumsy, kind of slow.
  • Is undead.
  • Is Latino.
  • She loves watching competitive cup-stacking.
  • She sells books for 0002 and others to read.
  • 0022 has a friendly rivalry with 0002 over who is faster. She thinks that her job, which involves a lot of walking and or running, gives her an edge.
  • Close friends with 0050 , who acts as her seeing-eye robot in return for her help in social situations and maintenance. When they're touching, she can see through its eyes.
  • 0003's girlfriend. They live in a tiny apartment together.
  • Very athletic.
  • Likes to go hiking.
  • She’s really forgetful, and when she realizes something has slipped her mind, she laughs shrilly and “fixes” her hair.
  • With a ragdoll entity, 0022 is the disciple of 0018.
  • Romantically involved with 0035.
  • A figure outside of the universe (sort of), 0022 is a Death Messenger, someone who hands people who are close to death a letter that’ll let them into the Hell Gate, where they’re stuck until the universe up and implodes again thanks to Negatives.
  • 0022 is usually wandering around with nothing to do.
  • Has a crush on 0050 , but unrequited and kind of destructive.
  • Very lax, extremely interested in causing trouble.
  • Works as a mailwomen along with 0202. Has a crush on him, but he's not into her.


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