• He is entirely made of chewing gum. Omnomnom.
  • He is evil.
  • Likes dead things.
  • He is only attracted to dead men, hence his attraction to 0119. Because 0119 is already dating 0114, and 0114 eats gum, 0021 has declared himself 0114's rival.
  • He is a raging homosexual.
  • has lots of boyfriends.
  • very into art.
  • He sometimes dresses like Princess Bubblegum to make himself feel better.
  • He is Gender Fluid and has been known to like the makeups!
  • He loves baking.
  • Can change colors depending on his mood
  • Wants to kill everybody in the world
  • he is the most cunningly evil of them all, due to his suspiciously simple color scheme. the only person he can't imagine killing is 0022, his favorite and only blood relation.


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