• Australian
  • She's the result of a mad scientist's experiment mixing human and lizard DNA. Most of the time, she's nomal, but due to some mishap in her brain, on occasion she'll fly into huge, destructive ranges. This is why the scientist could never let her out into the rest of the world. Instead she lived with him as his lab assistant, and her love of the scientist grew to match his own. Unfortunately, she killed him in one of her fits. Determined to continue his life's work, shey stayed at the lab, where she eventually created 0021, who's strong enough to contain her during her rages.
  • Has a huge motherly instinct and if you mess with anyone close to her, you're going to be sorry.
  • She is the Sewer Tsarina and has a Russian accent. Sometimes she rides around on clouds of garbage flies and people look up and see how glittery it is. If people seem really interested she'll drop down like "Surprise!" and nobody is sure of how they're supposed to respond to that.
  • She sends people to dugeons when she gets angry.
  • She's a trader, dealer, and a bandit and if you mess with her she'll probably eat you.
  • bullies 0084 constantly
  • A victim of 0174's fungal infection.
  • Always angry at people because they say her hair looks like poop and she likes how it is.


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