• It is a non-gendered, electricity-producing robot. It lives in an empty powerplant where it sends power to the world.
  • I nicknamed her "Lumia". I imagine her as some sort of robot.
  • Is desperately afraid of #13, for reasons he'll never understand. Superstitious to the max.
  • She was built as a robot to provide light and company to a lonely inventor.
  • 19 charges while she sleeps.
  • She was a robot developed in the far future sent back to various times of inventors to assist in world developing creations (light bulb, stove, computer, car, etc.)
  • The patron deity of electrical power.
  • 0035 would be like a big bro to 0019.
  • 19 uses his minor ability to speak in glitch patterns in order to communicate with her friend, 35.
  • 0019's lightbulbs light up when nervous, flattered or aroused.
  • (Building on the inventor thing) Since 0009 discovered her in the inventor's abandoned lab, she follows him on his spelunking trips, lighting up the caves for him while he explores. In return, he shows her interesting rocks he finds and provides a place for her to charge. (this may or may not be because he has a crush on her.)
  • Speaks in Morse Code, by blinking the light of the lightbulbs.
  • Her name is Luxe (pronounced Lucy) and she was created to be able to light up small, cramped places for her inventor.
  • Friends with 0011 and often plays video games with them. she also charges any electronics that need charging for 0011
  • She is 0040's girlfriend


[[1]] by severalbadpunslater

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