• They are never not screaming.
  • 0018 is an inventor who was paralyzed due to an accident, he sits in his egg-vehicle and the arm-like structures attaching to his head allow him to control its movement by thinking about it.
  • 18 is a spirit in the form of abstract artwork. She can transfer herself onto any surface (Walls, floors, etc.), and can manipulate her form and colour. 18 is a jolly spirit- She likes to recite riddles and rhymes.
  • When angered, can be cruel by terrifying others.
  • His name is Abelard Sterling.
  • 18 is no more than 0's creations that had developed more extraordinary powers using the volatile 'negative' energy that could consider her god-like. 18 can submit chaos, as well as artificial substances to recreate objects into living things. She used these powers on 22, who is now her disciple.
  • It's ears are highly sensitive and thus the reason its always covering its ears. He's in pain from the sounds around him.


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