• Her name is Kumi
  • She becomes worried easily, which makes her hair curl.
  • She can sense the supernatural and converse with the dead.
  • She is Goth, or perhaps into Goth fashion.
  • She loves fairy tale stories and frequently shares them with 26 and 51 (if she'll listen).
  • She comes from a family of well-known necromancers, but is not very good at necromancy herself.
    • She can only speak to the dead unlike most Necromancers. She want's to instead become a botanist.
  • Is blind, caused by self-harm.
  • Her skull decorations are sentient, rude, and protective. They are her "seeing-eye skulls"
  • 0026 is her sister
  • In a relationship with 0034
  • Afraid of being alone/abandoned
  • Of French descent, her family members (parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc.) call her Mon Ange.
  • The greatest and most deadly of all the Sorcerers, 0017 was known as the "Blue Death" on the battlefield for her ability to spread an illness that caused the victim's throat to swell and they'd suffocate.  After the Final War, she became leader of the Sorcerers and is only interested in preserving her and her people's peace.  She could care less about 0000's agenda (even though he is a nice tea-buddy) and the world could fall to ruin in 0021's hands and she wouldn't care as long as the Sorcerers were left out of it.
  • She has horrible reflexes.
  • She doesn't have knees which makes walking quite hard
  • Her name is Diane.


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