0015 seems to be a small child with quite an amount of blue hair.


  • Her naming trend is Miki and she is a shy programmer and likes Hawaiian stuff.
  • She is blind so she doesn't care about her bangs (or Rufus) covering her eyes: she doesn't use them anyway.
  • Very quiet and smart.
  • She's actually bald and her 'hair' is her dog name Rufus.
    • Her baldness is due to being under chemotherapy. She's been diagnosed with leukemia.
  • Is a selkie.
  • She has two minds, interlaced. Her hair is actually a guardian being sent to her. She herself is usually quiet and shy but when she feel threatened or gets angry, the mind of the guardian takes over. She can command her hair to move as she wishes, to help or harm.
  • She's an amputee and is missing both legs above the knee.
  • She's really interested in robotics.
  • She's young and loves doodling.
  • She has no eyes and can hold herself up with her hair, if she wants. Also, she's super sleepy all the time.
  • Daughter of a millionaire and a French opera singer. She has three older brothers who are all in the television and film industry.
  • Her father works at a hair product factory. On one tragic bring your daughter to work day she fell into a giant vat of largely untested hair products, leaving her with bright blue hair she could control, and rendering her completely blind as well as leeching most of the colour from her skin. She does not cut her hair because she can feel and control it and it pains her greatly.
  • Massive otaku.


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