• Nicknamed Himme (as a female).
  • Is an athlete.
  • Loves fish.
  • Wears headphones because he loves listening to music like he walks around discovering the world.
  • His hearing is poor due to the loud music playing from his headphones.
  • Is the type of person who stays up all night and plays video games then would sleep until 2 PM the following day.
  • Watched too much anime as a child and tween, so he now considers himself the hero of his own personal anime. He tries his best to go on ridiculous adventures and catch the female characters in compromising positions. He's also tried to come up with his own catchphrases, to no success.
  • Owns a lot of fish. (5 tanks in her room alone)
  • Hallucinates fish floating around her (him?) but s/he thoroughly believes they are real.
  • Best friends with 0007. Also has a huge crush on her but she doesn't notice and he doesn't know how to tell her. He bought her hat as a present for her 10th birthday.
  • Was good friends with 0033 several years ago but has drifted apart. They used to watch anime together.
  • Close with 0040. One time, he was carrying his fish around when he tripped and dropped his bowl and she took off her helmet quickly to let him use it as a temporary bowl and save his fish.
  • He's the main character.  Definitely the main character.  Only a main character is allowed to have hair that spikey.
  • Runs into a lot of awkwardness because no one can tell what gender he/she is, and is often confused with 0001 for some weird reason.


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