• Is horrible at pick up lines due to 0032's influence.
  • Is the person most of the characters go to for advice.
  • Very unlucky. This causes some of his social phobias, understandably.
  • His eyes are sensitive to light, so he wears his hood up for comfort.
  • Dyslexic.
  • Likes to cook though because he loves the smells and tastes and he always cooks more than he needs when packing lunches so he can share with others.
  • He's not the best at finding his words so he likes to listen to others and offer them the comfort of companionship if he can't do anything else for them.
  • Good friends with 0015 and 0048.
  • Incredibly awkward in social situations. Prefers to be alone in his house/cave.
  • Everyone is scared of him because he's naturally sort of scowl-y, but really he's just shy.
  • Is 0050 's brother.
  • Has mild synesthesia, which is why he likes the smells and tastes of cooking.
  • listens to system of a down
  • He's the carpenter in 0081's pirate crew.
  • Secretly has a crush on 0032.


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