• Nicknamed Austin/Austy. Another nickname used is Bunny.
  • Though debated, it is generally considered that 0012 is a rather manly female. It is also suggested they make their gender a bit of a game.
  • Loves alternative fashion (ex. light-up sneakers and self-weaved flower crowns)
  • 0012 and 0044 run a bakery together.
  • 0012 is very close friends with 0028, perhaps going so far as to be 0028's career manager. 0012's firey personality offsets 0028's passivism (passivism that, of course, is hard to find once 0028 is actually wrestling).
  • Leg hair up the butt.
  • Has a liking for bugs.
  • The thing on his back is actually a wind up key, and he's a robot who wants to be normal, and is easily fascinated by things.
  • Secretly has a passion for breakdancing.
  • Can shape shift into tables
  • is a bit of a coding whizkid
  • is a modern Frankenstein: created 0057s body out of candy
  • Can control the wind
  • Is so strong he ripped part of his jacket with willpower alone


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