• 11 stone cold does not give a crap. Genderless. Too busy for you. Won't get distracted by things that don't involve THE MISSION. Doesn't lack morals, just has a different view on things which often leads to them fighting dirty and not really caring about consequences.
  • Obsessive conspiracy theorist.
  • Is allegedly dating 0034 . They deny this vehemently.
  • Is supposedly 0037's friend, but will deny it if asked
  • Androgynous robot child designed to murder all 'sibling' robots that gained emotions through a crack in the code. Has gigantic laser arm under oversized sweater. Does not care for names, prefers 0011 as 'Names. Were what caused. A glitch in the first place.'
  • smokes cigarettes even though 0076 advises them not to.
  • Is a gang boss. The gang consits of robotic children.
  • Has a HUGE crush on 0015.
  • Childhood friends with 0032 and often go on adventures together.
  • Has a faint Irish accent.
  • Can control nature in general and bugs/insects.
  • Weapon of choice is a shovel.
  • Hermaphrodite.
  • Nomadic and always seen on adventures, only stopping to rest in abandonded trains.
  • 0003 forced 0011 to be rivals with her, but in reality 0011 could care less about 0003 
  • Best friends with 0019 and the two are often seen playing video games with each other
  • Sometimes works out with 0048 to boost their grass/nature magic  


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