• “Rodric” Is an avid spelunker. He is really interested in rare rocks and ores, and collects samples to display in his house. He has a cave spider companion; it followed him home one day and refused to leave. It even got him out of a bind once when he fell into a ravine and it lifted him out. After that, he decided to let it stay. He is really bad at growing plants, but somehow he manages to keep potted mushrooms that he harvests and makes into the best mushroom stew anyone has tasted.
  • Ever since he discovered 0019 in an inventor's abandoned lab, she follows him on his spelunking trips, lighting up the caves for him while he explores. In return, he shows her interesting rocks he finds and provides a place for her to charge. (this may or may not be because he has a crush on her.)
  • When 0007 was first summoned, she appeared in a cave, and, being an ancient princess, she was accustomed to receiving sacrifices, particularly those of human flesh. It just so happened that 0009 stumbled upon her as he was out spelunking, and 0007 natually assumed that he was her sacrifice and thus her meal. He survived the attack, though for some reason his hair now refuses to grow on most of his head. When asks, he calls his hairstyle a "stylistic choice." He denies all knowledge of 0007.
  • He lost his arm is the war
  • Has self esteem issues


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