Headcanons[edit | edit source]

  • A ranger, loves animals.
  • She travels around and talks to ghosts, also an esper.
  • She can talk to or at least see ghosts.
  • Good witch that gives life to nonliving things. She is tall, thin and very pale. Nice, goofy and really playful.
  • I've come to call her “Mi̱dénpénte” or “Pén”.
  • Babysits 00240025, and 0031 with 0034
  • dating 0034
  • I'm definitely on board with the ghost person thing, maybe she got into an accident and became half dead or something, so she dyed her hair pink from it's original white so people wouldn't notice. she likes talking to ghosts because they're better listeners than her friends.
  • The reason her hair has the little curls at each end is because when she was young, a ghost imprinted her hair as a subtle way to let ghosts know she can see them. She doesn't know how she got them, having brushed it many times, but she's guessed after a bit.
  • The face on her hat changes expressions based on her emotions.
  • She can only see the ghosts of people she was acquainted with in real life. She didn’t have to know them well; just speaking to them once while waiting in line at the grocery store would be enough. So when she sees a ghost, she knows it’s someone with whom she had at least a tiny connection. As a result, she can’t overlook any ghost she comes across. She has to know how and when she met them.
  • She may be a little clumsy, but she is sincere even if she does hide a few things from people…
  • magical girl ghost hunter her hat is some spirit posing as a hat that tell her where to find bad ghosts like a bad ghost radar then she hunts them down also her hair poofs up like a studio gibli film person with her change in emotions.
  • Well, the headcanon seems to be that both 0005 and 0026 have something to do with ghosts sooo…I think  Ghost Hunter 5 would team up with Ghost 26! Why would a ghost team-up with a ghost hunter, you ask? She thinks she can help the ghosts pass on, something that 5 with her rough attitude and general disdain toward ghosts simply couldn't and would not try to do.
  • polyamourous relationship with 0049

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005 and 035 by insanity-and-cake

Ghost Hunter

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Ask-fanpro-pink-trio by arururin

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