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  • Also goes by the name "Iliria" (ill-ear-ee-uh).

Arm theories

  • Does have arms, but she covers them with a poncho.
  • Alternatively, does not have arms and uses the poncho to hide it.
  • Also alternatively, she is a witch/mage who often forgets her spells, and cheats by writing them on her arms which she covers with the poncho to hide.
  • She possibly suffers from obvious Keratosis Pilaris (those gross bups on the backs of your arms) and is insecure about it, so she prefers to hide her arms.
  • Her father lost his arms when she was young and always felt like a lesser man because of it. To show him that it makes no difference whether you have arms or no she taped her arms to herself and wears a poncho.


  • Is very good friends with 0002.
  • She buys books from 0022 .
  • She always goes around in socks. No shoes, no barefoot. Just socks. She has a thing for funky socks.
  • Adores sci-fi books, secretly loves angst-filled romances too. Only 0022 knows this.
  • 0050 's younger sister.
  • Keeps to herself.
  • Tries to be intimidating, but usually comes off as creepy instead.
  • Has three piercings on each ear, which you can't see because of her hair.
  • Her hair looks soft from far away, but it's actually in REALLY small dreadlocks because she loves to play with her hair when she's bored.
  • Her favorite food is toast.
  • A adolescent witch or sorceress who has been cast out by her peers and as such enchanted a pincushion (0098) to keep her company.
  • A young magic shop owner who sells things distinctly designed for magicwork. Most of the stuff on sale is for basic magic, if you ask her for the darker magic stuff she’ll lead you to a back room full of summoning spells and chalk and supplies. Works with 0017 as her ‘boss'
  • Surprisingly forgetful but still rather productive. 
  • Is yandere for 0001 and often comes up with hexes to make him love her
  • Has a friendly rivalry with 0011
  • A reclusive witch-in-training that specializes in unconventional spells. This includes using words and letters as weapons, firing lasers from CDs, and turning grass into a flurry of sharp boomerangs.

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