Headcanons[edit | edit source]

  • Very popular name trend 'Tressa Albert.'
  • She has prostetic legs
  • She is good at kickboxing.
  • She enjoys building snow sculptures.
  • She has a rivalry with 0022 over who is the fastest.
  • She is firm friends with 0003 , but thinks that she is a little gloomy and is always trying to cheer her up.
  • She thinks 0054 is super weird and can't figure out how it (she?/he???) even exists, let alone moves.
  • She thinks wearing pants up to her armpits is COOL.
  • Is a popstar from outerspace
  • An energetic, spirited girl who's popular in her city for being an unbelievable yo-yo user. She even has a few trademark tricks.
  • Was born without the rest of her legs below her knees, which is why she has prosthetics.

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