Headcanons[edit | edit source]

  • Due to a headcanon of tumblr user kittenesquearting, 'Alistair' is a name trend for character 0001.
  • He's a kind gentle fellow who has a fondness for 0047 and helps her get over her insecurities.
  • He's the least remarkable character. He's just an average teenage boy without any special powers, abilities, tragic backstory, or foretold prophecy and he got over the shock of the abundant weirdness of his world a long time ago.
  • He is of Russian descent.
  • 0001 and 0004 are brothers. 0004 has a long of "Why is my younger bro so much cooler than me?" hostility that he's vey bad at hiding but 0001 doesn't really care.
  • He was a rich kid then something bad happened and he ended up living on the streets.
  • He has a HUGE imagination, which means he likes to be prepared for everything so the tabs on his pants are mini pockets.
  • He is kind of shy at first but after some time he becomes more confident.
  • He was born with a crooked spine and an equally crooked smile. He's learned to be agile despite his disability, and although (or perhaps because) he runs and walks with a tilt, he has fabulous balance. His dream is to become a world-renowned Traceur, but of as now he's a junior in high school trying to find his way in life. He's easy going and not all that talkative, but he does tend to brag when someone brings up his dream of doing parkour. ((sorry for editing but I fixed "parkourer" to Traceur, which is what the 'official' word is.))
  • He's interested in being an amateur techno musician and being number 1. He's very humble, to spite his position as leader of his crew. He's a year old, which in robot years, isn't that much but you are still very bright and a bit of an awkward conversationalist.
  • He's in the closet so he pretends to be straight for his girlfriend, 0022 . He's a songwriter but sometimes he sings and his parents are 0035 and 0046 . He likes 0048; 0048, 0022, and 0015 like him also.
  • He's a scaredy cat and prefers books to human interaction, but even though he's antisocial and paranoid he secretly loves adventuring with his friends.
  • Secretly in a relationship with 0032.
  • Has a mysterious relationship with 0000 that he may or may not be aware of
  • Is actually a chocolate god

Fanfiction[edit | edit source]

Asylum ] - deadwr3n

"Unaware" => http://yuikoharuka.deviantart.com/art/Unaware-FANPRO-FANFIC-376254155 (fanfic abt him and 0047)

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